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New brakes are a great idea

Brake systems allow your car to stop with ease. If your brakes are squeaking or you notice they are taking longer to stop than usual, stop by our store and let us take a look. Good brakes are a must in order to continue to operate your vehicle safely. Holabird Tire & Auto Co. can keep your machine running well.

Brake services we perform:

- Brake checks

- Installing new brake systems

- Brake system repairs

- Brake system flush

- Brake pad changes

- Brake shoe installation

Worried about your brakes? Feel them slipping? It's time to bring your car in to Holabird Tire & Auto Co. to make sure the brakes remain in good condition. We have towing available if necessary.


Need emergency roadside assistance? We are your go-to company!

If you are experiencing brake trouble,

give us a call:

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Check on your brakes here

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If your vehicle is unsafe to drive and you need it towed, give us a call! We can bring your car to the shop and repair it..

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