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We offer all general repairs

Need a check up? Come on in!

Are you having issues with your car and need a diagnosis? If your vehicle is giving you trouble, come in to Holabird Tire & Auto Co. and we'll check it out. Our ASE-certified mechanics can give your car a diagnostic examination, then fix any problems, both minor and major.

Repairs we perform:

- Car battery replacement

- Muffler tests and maintenance

- Suspension and brake systems

- Starter replacement

- Transmission services

- Radiators and heating

- Windshield repair and replacement

Get engine repairs


Towing service is available for you all day and night.

Get a diagnostic check to find any problems..

Hearing clanking and need help? Call:

We also perform engine repairs and auto body work. If you need help with your car, from oil changes to major repairs, come in to Holabird Tire & Auto Co.

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